Dental Treatments for Chipped Teeth

What Should I Do If I Chip My Tooth Dallas, TX

Having a chipped tooth can provide a lot of disadvantages for a person whether that be when eating or even brushing of their teeth. Chipped teeth can be a direct cause of a brutal impact to the face or even long-term wear and tear. While having a chipped tooth may leave a person feeling hopeless, they should not worry as there are a few treatment options that dentists can provide.

Dental treatments for chipped teeth

While the teeth are known to be one of the strongest, most durable parts of the body, they are still prone to damage like chipping. Knowing what the available options are to treat chipped teeth can be extremely beneficial to a person who may have one.


If a person chips a part of the tooth and it is relatively minor, a dentist may suggest that a filling is done. A filling can only be completed on a chipped tooth if the damage was done to the enamel of the tooth. Fillings are also typically only used to treat chips if the tooth is a molar or back tooth. A filling isn’t necessarily appealing to the eye so dentists mainly use this method of treatment for teeth that are in the back of the mouth.


Bonding is a method of treatment for teeth that have been chipped. A dentist will likely recommend bonding for teeth that are near the front of the mouth or that are visible to the eye. A bonding procedure is simple and only requires the dentist to roughen the surface in order for the resin to bond to it. This resin matches the color of the natural teeth and is then applied and shaped on the tooth. An ultraviolet light will be used in order to harden the resin so that the tooth is brought back to normal.

Dental cap or crown

While dental crowns are most commonly used for treating decay or erosion, they are also an option for those who have chipped teeth. Again, just like with a filling, a dental crown is mostly used for molars or teeth that are in the back of the mouth. Crowns are also used primarily for chips that are very severe on the teeth. A crown or cap will ensure that the entire tooth can be covered to avoid any further damage from the chipping.

Having a dental crown placed is a lot more involved than any other procedure because it requires that a dental lab specifically make it custom to the person’s tooth. This takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks and requires that a person visit the dentist multiple times.


Having a chipped tooth can be painful or irritating for a person so knowing what the treatment options are can be beneficial to them. The treatment options for chipped teeth are all relatively simple procedures that don’t require too many costs, and they all are common.

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